You can trust Ideal I Do’s to provide beautiful and elegant wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies. We have provided you with nine beautiful beach wedding packages — to you create the the ceremony of your dreams! You can also design your own custom ceremony with our ceremony builder.Whatever your choice, we will meet your needs and your budget. 
Don’t be overwhelmed!  You have come to the right place to arrange a beach wedding package, particularly if you live in another state or country. Below are FAQ on our Florida beach wedding packages.  And if you don't find the answer to your question, please call or email Ideal I Do’s — we are always here to help!

Reservations and Deposits:

Simply call us at 800-643-3254 or email us at  info@beachwedding.co to start.  A 50% deposit is required at booking to reserve your date and time. We do all of our payments via PayPal but you can complete that with any credit or debit card. We will reserve your wedding date and time as soon as we receive your 50% deposit.
Which locations do you cover? We are a mobile wedding company and will come to your location . . . hotels, condos, beach houses, pavilions. We are fully self contained and can set up virtually anywhere.  We cover 150 miles of beach in South Florida - from Miami to Vero Beach and on the Gulf Coast we perform weddings in Naples.  See our Locations  page for full listing of beach wedding locations.
Do we need permission for a ceremony if we are getting married on the beach? Although all beaches are public; permission is sometimes required through a permit process.  This is true for Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach. This permit can cost up to $125. In Palm Beach we can have our weddings after 5 PM in the summer, after 3 PM in the winter.  Most towns’ beaches are wedding friendly.

The Ceremony Itself

Can we use our own Officiant or Minister?
Of course!  Although all of our packages come with a minister and a high definition video, you may bring your own and we will take $50 off of any package price. Your minister must be ordained.
Can we  customize what is said at our ceremony? 
Of course! About a month before your wedding date, your officiant will call you and get to know you. Then we start to craft your custom ceremony and email you the first draft.  During this conversation we cover vows, ring exchanges and any additions to the wedding ceremony.  
Can we include family, friends and children in our ceremony?
Of course! It is YOUR ceremony! We will discuss the different options that you have to include your loved family members and friends. 
Can we bring our own decorations? 

We cover all of your decoration needs - just tell us what you like! 
What can we customize?

Aside from your vows and what the minister says, you have your choice of colors of fabrics and flowers. Your location and your time of day is your choosing.  You can customize how the chairs are set up - straight or in a circle. Your music are the songs of your choosing. 
Can we hire other people to perform services for us during the wedding?
You can BUT: We are not responsible for any service provided by outside vendors, booked or paid for directly.
What is a Sand Ceremony?
We set up a small cloth-covered table to be used, silver cups and a glass heart-shaped jar. The colors of the sand are your choice. During the beach wedding ceremony, the couple will be asked to pour the sand in the glass jar until it is full, becoming a beautiful memento of your wedding.  
Do you do Rehearsals? 

No.  We do not.  As we do not set up anything on the beach prior to your wedding, there will be nothing to rehearse, but we do some site visits in certain instances and we can always partner with you on the phone, Skype or FaceTime to walk you through. 
Pictures and Video
Your pictures and video will be covered by staff photographers.  Though we edit and enhance the pictures - we do NOT photoshop. Our pictures are a mix of quality and quantity. 
How do we get the pictures and video after the ceremony?
Your pictures and video will be provided to you on DVDs. The pictures will also be uploaded to our online photo gallery here.  Your pictures and video will be provided to you via secure download


Do you do receptions?
We do beach receptions!  Our signature BeachBites menu can be customized for your taste and style.  We provide champagne for toasting, champagne cocktails, juice, ice water, soda and music as well for one hour.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

What if we need to cancel?
Things happen.  Military deployment is already covered in your contract and there will be no fee to reschedule. You can change your date to a mutually agreeable date if need be.  These details are also covered in your contract. We also offer a signature “Rainy Day Assurance” in the case of severe weather, you reserve the ability to reschedule wedding services due to weather or any other reason. We have packages for Up to 25 people, 25-50 people, and over 50 people 

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